• Bernie Supporter Endorses Hillary

      August 03, 2016

      In July 2016, I received an email invitation to design a trio of buttons for Hillary Clinton. For a die-hard Bernie Sanders fan who caucused for him in Washington State, I had an important decision to make. After some contemplation my decision was obvious. Hillary's opponent is shockingly ignorant and dangerous, and I will vote for her in November.

      I'm honored and happy to support a sane person over an insane person. Check out my buttons and other designers and artists here: The Forty-Five Pin Project


    • Seattle Street Artist, John Criscitello

      October 29, 2015

      Excited to announce that Seattle artist and political activist John Criscitello will be doing a guest lecture to the Cornish Poster class on November 10th.

      I've been a fan of his take on the gentrification challenges facing Seattle's rapid population growth, particularly in the Capitol Hill and South Lake Union neighborhoods. His work is bold and controversial, the perfect inspiration catalyst for the political poster projects the Cornish students will be working on.

      John will be presenting his work to the Cornish class at 4:30pm in MCC 505. It's a free event, open to all Cornish College of the Arts faculty and students.




    • Hang Ups: The Cornish Poster Show

      October 09, 2014

      Save the Date:
      Dec 10th @ the Cornish Playhouse

      A once-in-a-lifetime event, bringing together some of Seattle's most legendary poster artists, offering insight into their creative process, favorite work and what keeps them motivated. 

      Fourteen Cornish students will have an entire semester's worth of work on exhibit, with awards going to the best of show and runner-ups.

      Event tickets and more details to come.

      Featuring Guests:
      Art Chantry
      Frida Clements
      Jesse Le Doux
      Derek Vander Griend
      Shawn Wolfe

    • Viva La Poster

      July 31, 2014


      In the Fall, I will be teaching my first ever poster design class through Cornish College of the Arts and I wanted a place where I could document that process, so this blog was born out of that need. I also wanted to be able to share all things poster related, including upcoming poster shows, designer profiles and random observations about posters I like, and so on.

      And since this is my first post, here's a tip of the hat to one of my favorite Polish designers, Henryk Tomaszewski. His style is why simple is so great and says so much in economy of space and shape. This theatre poster is from 1964, the year I was born.

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